Earth Science Tech Inc, Affiliate Program

Earth Science Tech Inc, is the leading provider of CBD enriched hemp oil. Our products have been specifically formulated using only pure CBD extract and organic hemp oil. Our all natural and powerful formulations are exactly what discerning consumers are looking for. If you have CBD, marijuana or other related traffic, you owe it to yourself to join our program. Our products fill an untapped niche and will allow you to easily monetize your site without the hassles you may have encountered before.

Why Partner With Earth Science Tech Inc,?

Regardless of the type of traffic you have, we can help you monetize it. When you chose to partner with Earth Science Tech Inc,, you get:
Experience: We have over a decade of experience marketing natural consumer products.
Payouts: Earth Science Tech Inc, has the highest payouts in the industry, at 20% commission on all retail sales, with payments made every month to affiliate partners.
Conversion Testing: When you succeed, we succeed, that’s why we are constantly testing our design and messaging to maximize the commissions you earn.