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CO2 Extraction

All Of Our Full Spectrum CBD Oils are formulated by using Super Ciritcal CO2 Extraction

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Because our CBD Oil is derived from hemp and not marijuana, we are fully compliant with the Federal Farm Bill and are able to ship our Full Spectrum CBD products to all 50 states legally. 

Lab Testing Every Batch

We deliver a 100% Pharmaceutical grade Full Spectrum CBD Product every time. We test each and every batch of our CBD Oil to make sure it meets ETST's Pharmacy grade quality standards. 

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“I've been on ETST’s CBD since April 2017. I am 73 years old and I have been in excruciating pain from approximately 1987. Until I started CBD, I was not able to walk steps or stand for more than five minutes without severe pain in my lower lumbar, which I had surgery on eight years ago - and the pain just increased. I was on 29 pills a day and I am happy to say that five days after I began CBD and ever since I have only been on a blood thinner. I have been able to walk, go up and down the steps, dance, and move about in ways I never thought I would ever be able to do again. I have trichotillomania, which is pulling out of the hair, but I have not been affected by it since I've been on the CBD. I had a fatty enlarged liver from hepatitis C … three months after I started taking CBD my liver was normal size with no fat - it returned to normal. I also suffered since 1990 with post-traumatic stress disorder where my hands were shaking to the point I could barely feed myself. The shaking totally stopped within the first day of the CBD. I also suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder to the point where it disrupted a lot of my activities. I no longer suffer from that. I had anxiety attacks … I no longer suffer from that. In short, my life is back to what it was when I was in my 40s and suffered from none of it.”

Rhoda Friedman