Earth Science Tech will continue updating this page with some of our many testimonials we have recieved in the past and present.

From: Rick, “Just wanted to let you know that I love the CBD. I’m completely off my mental health anxiety and depression. I really believe in the product.”
From: Bill, “Hi Nick. 

I want to thank you. Jose is doing amazing with the CBD. Even though Jose is not verbally active 100% he is more alert and has better understanding of his classes in school. His teachers and therapists has seeing a very positive improvement in him. His neurologist is very impress on him being more alert and that he is repeating more words. 
Thank you Nick. 
Thank you in Jose’s behalf.
Thank you in my family behalf. 
Thank you for being my friend for so many years. 
All the best to you and your company.”
From: Claire,Just wanted to say how amazing the results have been for my ten year old German Shepherd, who has been taking your CBD oil. He has extreme arthritis in his knees and hips, the Vet said that he was close to becoming paralyzed in his back legs.  Prior to taking the CBD oil he could barely walk outside our apartment and was only walking stairs when necessary.  Now I am able to take him for a full walk around the apartment complex and he is able to follow us, up and down stairs about five times a day!  I am so appreciative that your CBD oil has brought youth back to my dog.  Highly recommend it to any pet owner!”
From: James, Hi, my name is James and I want to thank earth science for their hemp oil I have cancer and after 2 rounds of both kemo and radiation the V.A. gave up on me and turned me over to hospice they told me to get my affairs in order because I didn’t have very long to do it.I decided that I didn’t think I was ready to go yet so after a lotof searching on the computer I discovered earth science and ordered their 1000mg. hemp oil and after about a month of taking it I had hospice do a blood test on me and guess what it came back perfect. I cant thank you enough. James  
Fram: Marilyn, Hello,I just bought some of your CBD oil from a local retailer. I have been taking CBD oil daily since July 2016 for a medical condition. Because of CBD oil I am able to speak and see again. CBD oil has given me my life back, and it is very important to me. I have taken 4 different brands and I have noticed quite a difference in how my symptoms were affected by the different oils.
From: Patty, I had 13 back and neck surgeries over a 10 yr. period leaving me with chronic pain. My daughter encouraged me to try your CBD oil and the results were more than I could hope for. For the first time in over 20 years my shoulder muscles actually relaxed. For the first time in over 10 years, my back muscles relaxed! Not knowing any better and thinking all CBD oils were the same I ordered from 2 different companies believing I was getting a similar product. Whoa is me! Nothing! Absolutely no relief at all and I was very disappointed. I will always stay with Earth Science and recommend your product exuberantly! I also cannot say enough about one of your representatives who graciously answered all of my questions when I called your company. “Nick” was truly caring and also knowlegable and set me straight about the difference between your product and all the others out there. Thanks Nick!!
From: Mark, I am currently suffering from many gastrointestinal ailments… And my friend got me a CBD hemp extract 250 milligram 15 milliliter bottle as a gift for Christmas… And it has helped me immensely.
From: Diana, “Started using this week, so far two nights of uninterrupted sleep!!”
From: Maria, “I Feel F%&!en GREAT!!!!!
I noticed in my sleep and this morning teaching and running, I was focused, energetic and just so uplifted.”
From: Patricia, “Wanted you to know……
I continue to use your CBD with great results
I had my annual mammogram at 8;00 this morning.
They now have 3D-Mammogram which provides a much better image.
I have been comparing three measurements on the cancer mass for the past four years.
I feel great that the cancer has made very little change.(a little smaller in two areas)
thanks for a great product!”
8/29/16From: Devon, “I’ve used plus CBD and this is much better quality.”
From: Nicole, “Our 16 year old daughter has had seizures since she was 1, in November she needed to have right shoulder reconstruction due to the effect of her seizures. We were very concerned as to how she would heal from surgery when the cause of the problem was still occurring. We started to use your CBD oils 1 week prior to surgery and she has only had 3 seizures in 9 months. It would normally have been 80-100!!! She has healed completely!! Thank you…for everything!!”
From: Amy, “After a multi-year struggle trying to determine the cause of a mystery health matter it was discovered I had a nerve cell tumor growing out of my facial nerve cells lodged behind my left side mastoid. This unique tumor and placement resulted in left side facial paralysis that proved devastating emotionally, financially, socially, etc. I was given the options of either brain surgery (which would result in permanent disfigurement) or radiation. Truly I wanted neither and dug in my heels, delaying a decision, until I could do so no more. I chose proton therapy radiation and had treatment from December to February.Returning home post treatment I anticipated a path with less issue. Surprisingly that was not the case. I was very scared and went to see a local specialist who took a brief look at me and then told me now was the time for brain surgery. I was very upset as I had just returned from multi month radiation treatment and I expected a delay would be required to see the full effects. I explained to the brain surgeon I wanted to wait and asked him if he understood a surgery would forever deform me. His only reply was “Well, have you seen your face now?”. Needless to say I was devastated. I could barely pay my bill I was sobbing so uncontrollably. That day when I left that doctor’s office I vowed I would find an answer (although I had previously sought for one so hard and come up with nothing that truly helped). That day I discovered Earth Science Tech High Grade Hemp Oil.Within three or so days I noticed undeniable effects of the CBD. My ear began draining all of this fluid and my symptoms such as paralysis, dizziness, etc reduced tremendously. I became a devoted taker of EST hemp oil- even promoting its usefulness to others who were in a variety of situations- from dire health crises to high levels of anxiety. All of those who took the product consistently experienced positive results.On a personal note, I noticed the more consistent I was with taking it the more my symptoms subsided. I also would notice when I stopped taking the product symptoms would return, albeit less than they initially were, over time.One year after starting the product I am happy to say that MRI finally showed no tumor growth, In fact my Dr believes the tumor is showing signs of shrinkage. Needless to say, I will continue taking EST CBD.Thank you EST for giving me a safe and healthy option to deal with my health matter. One that assisted me in avoiding unnecessary brain surgery out of fear. I am forever grateful! Amy.”
From: Renee, “This is my story. I was a Salvation Army Ground Zero volunteer and spend many hours down at the site. After we finished down at Ground Zero in May of 2002, I stared to develop muscle pain and restless body syndrome, along with muscle weakness. I never had any of this before that and never even took an aspirin. The pain, weakness and restless body continued to get worse, sometimes the pain was so bad it was very hard to work. Plus I asmasingle mom of a 12 year old child. The pain would be so bad at times, I would be bedridden. I continued to work which made the pain and jumping in my body so severe just by sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day. Then in 2006 I had a massive car accident. My car had blowout I hit the divider on the highway and the air bag deployed I went across three lanes of traffic on I-95 (it was a miracle that I didn’t hit someone or someone hit me) I was unconscious in the car until I hit a rock formation. I ended up with a massive concussion, broken orbital bone, broken cheek bone and broken jaw. I had my jaw wired for 6 months when it usually would be 3 months. The accident finished me. I was never the same. The pain in my muscles was much worse. I ended up with white matter on my brain, which was a reason I would get pain plus my brain had elevated flair signals (which means my brain would keep telling my body I had pain. The pain and weakness has gotten so bad I fell down the stairs many times due to the muscle weakness. Between of the pain and the jumping I could not sleep and woke up 10 to 12 times a night urinating from the bloating from the medication I would have to take to work to take care of my daughter. I felt I no longer had a quality of life, all I did was suffer so much. Many nights I did not even want to go on. The pain and suffering was so bad I was unable to walk or go out much due to the pain and weakness. I take morphine sulfate 15 MG 3 times a day Naproxen 500 MG which is an anti-inflammatory, and a muscle relaxor, just to work I was suffering so much I did not think I would be able to make it. I was told by some of my 9/11 friends to try the oil (basically as a last resort) and I find it is helping me. My pain level has gone down I have started walking again, and being able to move around and walk. I started losing weight since I am able to move again. I feel in the few weeks I have been taking this I can see a huge difference. I want to continue to take it to see how much better it will make me. Thanks EarthScience Tech”
From: Sarah, “This CBD oil has been a life saver! For much of my life I have been high-functioning, very active and successful at most pursuits. About about 10 years ago however, I began to experience unexplained, progressive chronic fatigue. More recently, I’ve suffered severe anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks, insomnia and florescent light hypersensitivity . These conditions have worsened over time, and in recent years I’ve been forced to resign/withdraw from multiple jobs and academic programs because of them. I’ve seen dozens of doctors and have tried everything from herbal and nutritional supplements, meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques, and pharmaceuticals. Nothing seemed to help. Up until recently, I began having what felt like brain “glitches” whereby processing even the most subtle bits of information (i.e. audio and visual stimuli) were almost excruciating. My firsthand experience with CBD came at the suggestion of an alternative healthcare practitioner through Earth Science Tech’s high grade oil. Within a few hours of taking the drops, I began to regain the ability to focus, experienced a noticeable sense of calm and improved well-being. The night I first took the drops was my first of interrupted and refreshing sleep in years! I woke up, went for a morning jog, and stayed awake the entire day! Over the next few days I continued to experience significant improvement in my mental, physical, and emotional states. A week in, I can wholeheartedly say that this product has saved my life! I cannot express my gratitude and enthusiasm enough. Highly recommended for anyone suffering from psychological, neurological, related or unrelated condition.”
From: Birol, our patient  who has  breast cancer is getting great results after using your hemp oil. 4 months ago, doctor stopped chemoteraphy for the first time for 9 years. She is not having anything but your hemp oil, She is very happy. Thanks”
From: Jimmy, “Need a 15ml bubblegum e-liquid shipped to my office again. Guy loved it! Came up and said he hasn’t felt that relaxed since his divorce started.”
From: Mike, “My white count is 7200!!!!!! Down from 8700. All because of CBD oil.”
From: Ken, “My shoulder pain is completely gone right now. I am feeling pretty relaxed as well.”
From: James, “I swear it’s not been more than five minutes and I feel super relaxed.”
“Gave some to my wife too and she said the same thing, feels very very calm and super relaxed lol.”
From: Donna, I’ve been using the oil for slightly over 3 weeks. I started using it for very severe knee pain. Whether the pain was caused by arthritis or something else, nothing I have tried to relieve it over the last 3 years has helped & it has just continually become worse.”
 “A month ago it had become so severe that I was certain I would have to have cortisone injections, something I truly did not want to do.” 
 “A week after starting to use the oil, my knees were so much better I was astonished. I now have only slight stiffness in my knees, my balance has been restored, something that had really scared me as I was constantly afraid of falling. In addition, a wet cough that I have had for two years & had attributed to allergies is nearly gone & my skin has become so, so soft!”
 “Thank you so much for this product I’m so grateful!!”
From: Paul, I am fairly cynical about most things but when I was made aware of the CBD from Earth Science Tech I was immediately interested.  Perhaps it is not common knowledge, but the benefits of natural high concentrations of pure CBD oil cannot be disputed.  My main reason in being hesitant in trying others is due to the methods of extraction that are more along the lines of mainstream medicine production (recall, organic chemistry class).  Also, by supporting natural medicine (particularly marijuana) it seems to indicate in today’s society that one is “pro-high” vs “pro-health”  Now, the factors that lead me to research CBD was due to traditional medicine causing me more problems than they solved.  Intellectually, I knew the problem with the medicines I was prescribed but I also had little alternative.  The reason that traditional medication was suggested was due to what I would later learn was most likely PTSD.  You see, I felt 9-11.  I don’t say “I saw it” because my first memory of that day was being waken-up by what sounded like small explosions but what I would later realize was the sounds of people jumping off the towers.  From that day, the combination of our 24-hour news cycles, what I did see, smell and hear as a New Yorker during that time led to very poor sleep and destructive behaviors patterns.  A week ago I started using Earth Science Tech’s CBD oil and within two days, I was able to sleep through the night (prior to that I was up at least 4 times), I urinate much less throughout the day, I don’t need the TV on to go to sleep as my anxiety has all but gone away (I say, “all but” because about 4 days in I was so relaxed I became anxious about not having anxiey any more!), and in general I am a happier more stable person to be around.  I have placed my second order this week, and would encourage anyone in a similar position to research the benefits of CBD.”
From: Mary, “I am amazed by what the CBD has done for me.  I am in the process of eliminating two seizure medication that I have had to take daily.  Wow.  I was also impressed by their customer service.  Not long after I purchased my first my order, I received an E-mail from Earth Science.  They made contact, letting me know that I could connect with them if I had any questions.  Wow, again.”
From: Kayla, “I absolutely love the bubble gum flavor hemp oil! I used it to kick my smoking habit! I’ve been 8 days without a cigarette and honestly I don’t miss them.”


From: Stephanie, “Thanks to your amazing hemp CBD oil, my aunt Irma had a repeat scan this week to see if her cancer treatment is working along with CBD daily twice daily serving… All the Glory be to God almighty…. They can’t see any cancer or tumors in her liver, lymph nodes or bones. Just one small trace in her upper chest that the doctor feels will be completely gone by the end of her cancer treatment; about 12 more treatments left. She is very grateful for this amazing product. Doctor said sometimes we don’t know how this happens, but it doesn’t matter, what matters is that her body is responding better than expected. She sends you all her love and tears of joy today, God truly never will forsake any of His, Amen!”
From: Jeremy, “My mom says one full dropper has given her more then 24 hours of relief from her chronic pain. She is absolutely amazed. Said she has not been this pain free in a long time”
From: Patricia, “I use your 500mg CBD oil for my breast cancer.  After one year of using this my mammogram showed No additional growth to the cancer mass.   The year before I only used 100mg from a different company and the cancer mass grow 10%.  I am hoping this year it still will not have grown or even gotten smaller would be fantastic! My husband using this product too for his MS symptom’s which help them stay at bay and he sleeps so much better. Thanks!!” 
From: Jeremy, “I Love the CBD oil. My knee feels great today. I feel more calm and less stressed and focused as well. The mellow and focusing affect is almost instant. I swear, it has a very positive affect on my state of mind”
From: Dianne, “Gord Ferguson was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in May, 2012.  Since then he has been taking regular doses of L-Dopa medication prescribed by his Neurologist.  This medication is taken every 6 hours and is quite good at keeping tremors under control.  However, late in 2015 Gord started suffering from frequent tremors, weakness and fatigue, low blood pressure, general discomfort and anxiety.  A friend advised us to check into hemp oil, and our research led us to Earth Science hemp oil with CBD, specifically “High Grade Hemp Oil, Strawberry Flavor, 1/2 fluid ounce, 125mg CBD”.  The product is easy to use and has been very effective in combatting Gord’s symptoms.”
“The product is a key factor in living with Parkinson’s, and we are grateful to have found it.”
From Jennifer, “Hello Nick, this is Jane (Jennifer). Sorry about that I missed your call yesterday (Sunday). We were out. Since David, my son increased to 1/2 dropper twice a day on Thursday,1/14, he didn’t have seizures so far. We are surprised after reduced his both Aptiom 200mg a day and lamotrigin 50 mg a day for more than a week that he didn’t have seizures during this period. We are very happy about it. Something like this he usually having seizures every day or a few times a day. That is the reason caused his brain development delay when he was 2 years old. I am thinking to reduce his medicatios a little bit more each time if he stops his seizure from now. I will call you in a few days to up date with you about his seizures activities and discuss with you about reducing the medications.”
“Please let me know if you have any suggestions or important that I need to be aware of it. Meanwhile, I will write a review soon about 2 oz unflavored CBD hemp oil. Thank you very much. Talk to you soon.”
From: Walter, “I’m only taking one dropper twice a day and noticing some relief from anxiety and pain. I may take two drops twice a day.” 
From: Arlene, “Hi Nick, this is Arlene Underhill and I am the lady with Epilepsy you spoke with yesterday regarding CBD Oil helping Epilepsy out Greatly! I started taking it and by the second day I had stopped having so many seizures! The First day I noticed the change I didn’t have a single one! The day after that I have to admit that I did have 2 But I do believe that was my fault because I went on a long car trip and didn’t take my vape pen with me! Since then I have been asking everyone I know if they know about CBD and most of them dont. My Doctors here in N.M. wont even think about discussing it with me because of the affiliation to “Marijuana” lol But I Do Believe this Cbd has a strong chance of being the Cure to Epilepsy once it can start being tested and explored more on a stronger scientific basis!”
From: Rachel, “I find the oil works great for pain and the vape works best for my stoa stomach pain and anxiety.”
From Javiar C. and former professional football players from the Dallas-Fort Worth NFLPA chapter, On 12/9/2015 ETST’s first trial CBD study involving former professional football players from the Dallas-Fort Worth NFLPA chapter successfully concluded. This breakthrough trial ended after thirty-days of testing with former players participation based on their varying conditions including but not limited to chronic pain, memory loss, and depression. Each participant received ETST all-natural High Grade Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol) from organically grown grade-A European industrial hemp, which was processed using super critical Co2 extraction. During the 30 days, participants ingested the hemp CBD twice each day. The results were impressive, the participants experienced noticeable improvements with pain and mood while taking the hemp CBD oil.
“This study carries a wide range of implications for the culture of the NFL among past, present, and future players,” according to Javiar Collins, former NFL player and organizer of this trial study with the Dallas NFLPA chapter of retired players. “We live in a reality where CTE, concussions, and pharmaceuticals all play crucial roles in the lives of current players, former players, and the families involved.” This point seems to be underscored by the number of suicides among former NFL players and various health-related lawsuits in recent years involving players. Collins believes, “these kinds of studies are big steps towards positively affecting our wellness during and after our careers.” Although the NFL’s policy on the use of Cannabinoids remains unchanged, Collins remains optimistic that a solution is near. To read more click here.
From: Mary, “I have a non verbal 4 year old, who often has fits of excitement. We have been using the strawberry oil for a little over a week now and we have seen a major improvement in his attitude and concentration. He has been trying and succeeding in saying more words. The oil has been truly life changing and i would absolutely recommend it to any parent with a child who suffer from autism, sensory disorders or adhd. My sons quality of life is vastly improving and im so grateful.”
From: Dr. Rafael Gonzalez, Vice President of Research & Development of DV Biologics,”The data speaks for itself. This in vitro study is very encouraging as it demonstrates that ETST High Grade Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil may be beneficial for the brain. The great thing is that the data is supported by 3 different experiments, all showing the same result that it works. With this data if I had a neurodegenerative disorder such as Parkinsons, I would seriously consider taking this as there isnt much available that can deter the progression of the disorder. We hope that ETST will continue to give us the opportunity to work with their High Grade Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil.” To read more click here.
From: Dr. Rafael Gonzalez, Vice President of Research & Development of DV Biologics, “Testing compounds in vitro on human cells is difficult. We recently tested various concentrations of ETST High Grade CBD Hemp Oil on various cells to see which concentrations are toxic to cells and noted that the cells grow similarly in concentrations from 1-10 micromolar. This is exciting news as it shows that this product, ETST High Grade CBD Hemp Oil, may be used in varying concentrations without toxicity to different cell types. We are now ready to test whether ETST High Grade CBD Hemp Oil can stop or deter free radical formation that occurs in vitro with brain cells. In order to do so, we will use varying concentrations of ETST Hemp CBD Oil and induce oxidative stress on brain cells. We will then test the cells to see if the ETST Hemp CBD Oil reduces oxidative stress and free radical formation compared to a control cell type that has no ETST High Grade CBD Hemp Oil. We look forward to reporting the full study in the near future,” stated Dr. Rafael Gonzalez, Vice President of Research & Development of DV Biologics. To read more click here.
From: Eric F., “Since I have started taking ETST High Grade CBD Rich Hemp Oil daily I have notice many benefits to my body, physique and overall wellness. I have notice that by taking the ETST High Grade CBD Rich Hemp Oil daily, it actually physically & scientifically amplifies and enhances the overall delivery of other sports nutrition supplements. This also includes how my body is now able to absorb and transport higher rates of the other sports nutrition supplements that I take daily for working out, training and bodybuilding. There are many benefits I have been personally experiencing which include the quality of enhancing my immune response, accelerated and better recovery rates, better deeper sleep, less stress, more endurance during my training as well lubricating my joints and making them stronger. The longer I am on the product daily the stronger, healthier and more flexible I feel.”
“I highly recommended ETST High Grade CBD Rich Hemp Oil and feel it’s just matter of time before it becomes a top leading product for the natural industry of supplements. I really like that ETST High Grade CBD Rich Hemp Oil has the ability to protect against cellular damage and contains superior antioxidant activity. Cannabidiol’s strong antioxidant properties have been shown to play a role in the compound’s neuroprotective and anti-ischemic effects. I am even more impressed with the ability of the cannabinoids to cross the blood brain barrier and exert their antioxidant effects in the brain. Taking ETST High Grade CBD Rich Hemp Oil has allowed me to be much more focused in the gym, enhanced my breathing while training, helped inflammation pre/post workout, makes it so I don’t get cramps, my overall skin conditions have improved, function of organs seem to be operating better overall and my stress levels are at an all-time low going into my biggest competition of my life being the 2015 Arnold Classic. I would to note, there are many other positive things I feel while using ETST High Grade CBD Rich Hemp Oil. More importantly, is that not only am I feeling these things but scientific data shows it helps regulate energy levels and balance, maintain blood glucose levels, stimulate insulin secretion, immune and inflammatory reactions, CBD suppresses muscles spasms and helps with my muscle relaxation. Hemp has over 65 unique cannabinoids and as more research and scientific data is becoming available more and more people are deciding to include natural cannabinoids in their daily diets. I am very happy to see that ETST is doing a lot of research, studies, tests and clinicals with the University of Central Oklahoma in regards to its ETST High Grade CBD Rich Hemp Oil. Consumers worldwide desperately need more effective and safe botanical alternatives to help them with their overall health and internal wellness.” To read more click here.
From: Jennifer, I want to express my appreciation to you for having made it possible for me to receive CBD Oil. I routinely use it for my affliction with COPD and in the successful treatment of my facial cyst. As a result of this product this cyst has nearly disappeared from my face and my breathing has improved.”
“I cannot recommend this product enough and thank you again.”