The benefits of CBD Oil during Cancer treatment

CBD Oil cancer treatment

Cannabidiol oil (CBD Oil) is a cannabis-derived product. They are chemicals which are obtained naturally from marijuana plants. It is a type of cannabinoid. It does not change the state of mind of a person who uses it like THC, a compound that is also derived from marijuana.

CBD for Cancer Treatment

CBD oil-based products may be used in cancer treatment but there is more opposition about its effects. Dr. Donald Adams, a medical cannabis advocate, and an experienced oncologist says that he recommends cannabis to his cancer patients but not as a cure. The reason for saying this is that cannabis reduces side effects of cancer treatment and also make the symptoms for cancer itself less severe.

Results of National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) finding results

NCI carried out research to find out whether CBD oil can be used for cancer treatment and came up with pleasing results. The results showed that CBD oil could suppress lung cancer cells in mice and in test tubes.

The following are other effects of CBD as said by the United States of America national Cancer Institute:

1. It blocks cell growth

2. It prevents blood vessels that supply tumors to grow

3. It fights viruses

4. It relieves muscle spasms

5. when inhaled improves mood and sense of well-being.

6. It reduces chronic inflammation and pain

Benefits of CBD Oil for Cancer Treatment

NCI found that cannabinoids inhibit the growth of the tumor. It does this by giving protection to healthy cells as they kill cancer cells and hinder the growth of cells and blood vessels that enhance the growth of the tumor.

CBD protect your immune system

CBD also reduces malignant cell growth and even eliminates them

It also stimulates increased appetite and eliminates toxic pharmaceutical protocols.

CBD Oil during cancer treatment

Means of Using CBD

CBD is considered to have potential health benefits to our bodies and can be used in different ways like taking it orally, rubbing on the skin and it can be inhaled also through the vapor.

Types of Cancer that CBD can Treat

According to the many scientific research that has been carried out by several researchers and research institutions, CBD can be used to treat the following types of cancer.

1. Brain cancer- cannabinoids have anti-tumor properties.

2. Breast cancer- CBD hinders human breast disease cell multiplication and intrusion and reduces tumor mass.

3. Lung cancer- CBD repress disease cell attacks. The research showed that CBD diminishes intrusive cell tumor causing lung diseases.

4. Prostate cancer- research showed that prostate cell growth reduces through cannabinoid receptors.

5. Blood cancer- research showed that cannabinoids speed the development of restraint and apoptosis in mantle cell lymphoma. Cannabinoids also actuate apoptosis in leukemia cells.

6. Oral cancer- cannabinoids inhibit cell breath and poison harmful oral tumors.

7. Pancreatic cancer- cannabinoids prevent pancreatic tumor cells from spreading and hinders the development of more tumor cells.


According to the very many combinations of research results from scientific findings, cannabinoids which includes CBD oil have positive healing effects in our bodies. These research results can prove to us that CBD oil can be used for cancer treatment.